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Overall and Thematic Chronologies

The overall chronology is written by Camille Mansour, with the assistance of Sylvie Mansour, and the contribution of Sebastian Bernburg for the 2018 events onwards. The thematic chronologies were produced by the authors listed below.


The biographies were edited by Walid Khalidi and Maher Charif until December 2020; since then, they have been edited by Maher Charif. The following authors contributed to this section.

Rita Awad
Ghanem Bibi
Nubar Hovsepian
Tarif Khalidi
Najla Nakhlé-Cerruti
Bayan Nuwayhed-al-Hout
Thomas Ricks
Andrea Stanton
Salim Tamari

This section contains the digitized version of the seminal book All That Remains, dedicated to the 418 Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948. Over thirty people, whose names are listed here, took part in this authoritative reference work edited by historian Walid Khalidi.

The section will be enriched in the future by a comprehensive review of all Palestinian refugee camps. This effort is ongoing and a number of texts can already be found in the Highlights section, several of which have been edited by Hala Caroline Abou Zaki.

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The Institute for Palestine Studies wishes to extend warm thanks to everyone who, each in his or her own way, participated in the project over the past years:
Najeh Abu Shamsiyeh
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Visualizing Palestine
Yasmine Zohdi